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For all service vehicle, professional, police, fire brigade, rescue …


TPSV modify your vehicle according to your needs with the help of our technicians who advise you for all the accessories available for your fleet

Special equipments for Special use.

Your partner for more than 30 years in special vehicles. … the design and / or the transformation of special vehicles intended for a civilian or military clientele. the supply and installation of special equipment.

We provide customized vehicles tailored to your needs

  • Professional fleet.

  • Emergency rescue vehicles.

  • Police patrol.

  • Military vehicle, special forces.


All types of equipment can be installed : beacons, sirens, storage, radio, cameras, GPS …


We can provide modified vehicles for all uses, professional, police, firefighter, ambulance, army…

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We can design all kinds of specialized vehicles, ranging from prisoner transport to rescue vehicles and CIT vehicles, including ballistic armour, all the latest active and passive safety technologies, electronics, software and controls, designed on demand by our R&D engineering department.

CIT Vehicles

Specialists in Cash In Transit vehicle TPSV  Electronic systems & Panels are the most advanced protection solutions available on the market.

Prisoner Transport

Modification of any type of vehicles for the prisoner transport, troop transport, or any special use : Car, Van, Pickup, Truck, Bus…

Composite Panels

TPSV use the latest techniques to produces laminated Panels for :
Motor-homes, Caravans, Train, Truck Bodies, Vehicles, and more…

Security & Control

the CCTV, control system and software for our security system is developed only for you. It is tailor-made which you cannot buy in the market.

GPS & Location

With the TPSV Tracking System, send your employees and products on the road and track your fleet in real time around the world.

OEM Accessory

TPSV offer a large choice of accessories and customization to give your vehicle’s personal touch you desire.


TPSV Customer Service ensures the highest levels of Fleet Uptime is achieved throughout the Lifetime of the Vehicle. This Intensive Program starts with the unique triple check Production Quality Assurance sign off process prior to the vehicle being shipped to the End User. When a vehicle is delivered that it is accompanied with its I.S.O. (Initial Stock Order) of CIT related maintenance parts. Maintenance Contracts are also available when TPSV Factory Trained Staff will perform P.M.C. (Preventative Maintenance Checks).


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8:00am – 5:00pm




8:00am – 5:00pm